Imagine this scenario: The day of my first "fly in" shoot in almost two years. The conversations and emails and texts already exchanged. The details set. The house cleaned. The shooting room layered with plastic. The baked pie crusts cooling. The homemade (?!) whipped cream in the fridge. And then the dreaded call, straight out of a pie producer's nightmare: "Rich, I went to the wrong airport. I don't think I'm gonna make my flight."
For those of you who always tell me you want my job, this is one of those times you really DON'T.
Forty-five minutes later, after texts and online Expedia searches and one very disheartening talk with a ticketing agent… I get a second call. "I made the flight! I'm sitting on the airplane right now. We take off in five minutes… I can't believe it either."
And THAT was the rollercoaster of emotions that kicked off my 48 hours with Angie… One of the cutest and craziest models I've worked with to date, and quite possibly some of the most fun I've ever had in a single shoot.
So Angie is a 5'0" firecracker with killer curves, the biggest smile on the planet, and (in her words) "an Iggy Azalea butt." She travels regularly to London and L.A., she has stories about quite a few big-name (and henceforth unnamed) celebrities… And she was absolutely 100% excited to be getting nailed with pies all day for our little low-budget shoot! No, seriously… This is a girl with Playboy looks who went to Nickelodeon Studios as a kid and dreamed of getting green slimed. In other words, she's a slapstick unicorn.
How to describe her shoot? Well, imagine the unscripted off-the-cuff improv of Brittany (SS101/105) or Julia (SS83). Mix in the outfits of another Britney (SS102/121) or our very own Playboy model, Kylie Kohl (who is actually much more reserved than Angie). And then add the kind of playfulness you can't coach or script… But you love when it happens and you're just glad to get it on camera! Angie is the type who will crack up with hysterical laughter after a particularly unexpected pie hit… Or do her version of Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" while covered in chocolate… Or take the slime like she's auditioning for an Herbal Essences commercial before following it with a perfect spontaneous line: "Sorry Mom!" The type who had me take pictures of her covered in mess for her Instagram and Facebook followers at the end of EVERY skit. Heck, in the first scene alone, she finished with a Slip-and-Slide dive into the gunk AND a perfectly executed, 14-years-of-cheerleading split. Like I said… Just glad I caught it on camera!
And here's what else you won't get just from pictures or my lame blogging: Angie is really sexy. And not in a gross porn-star way, but in a flirty, frisky, funny, "I'm covered in pie and having a blast and isn't this FUN??" way. Which is, frankly, the essence of SlapstickStuff, right? She watched a LOT of my old videos the night before and finished by saying, "I wanna make it a little more sexy than most of your girls. Is that okay?" Yes… Yes it was.
So what would you call a shoot that almost didn't happen, an eight-hour day where we only finished four scenes, and multiple skits that bear almost no resemblance to the original script? If your model is Angie, you call it a huge success… And you start planning how to take her up on her offer to "come back anytime!"

--January 15, 2015