The most cake-faced model in history now has her legacy defined with three new compilations! Just The Cakes: Breana is a three-part series that includes all 75 cakes Breana took during her years with SlapstickStuff. (Please note that this number only reflects actual cakes, as Breana often took multiple cakings off the same cake. Which she loved, of course.) And watch the trailer to see (almost) all of them in under three minutes!

Part One has all the cakings from SS155, SS158, SS161, SS164, SS165, SS167, SS172, SS176, SS179 and SS180, totaling 24 different cakes!
Part Two has all the cakings from SS184, SS186, SS190, SS193, SS195 and SS203, totaling 29 different cakes!
Part Three has all the cakings from SS214, SS223, SS227, SS241 and SS254, totaling 22 different cakes!
All clips available in true HD (1020p) or reduced file-size (480p) depending on your system requirements.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three