One of our favorite models from the "high-definition" era, now compiled! Just The Hits: Carrie has every single pie hit from all four Carrie volumes (SS113, 116, 125, & 143): Twelve scenes in all!
Slime Time: Carrie
is the same concept, but this time with all the slimings from those same volumes.
Both are available in true HD (720p) or reduced file-size (480p) depending on your system requirements.

"These "Just the Hits" comps are AMAZING!!! This is literally the same thing I used to do to your (and others) clips back in the day. Talk about getting the most bang for your buck. (And disk space! lmfao) These are the type of thing that will earn my business regardless of the model (or costume/theme) you decide to go with - I'm excited to see where you take this next! " --customer email