SCENE THREE: "Carrie doesn't really do "bitchy", though she has been feisty in some scenes. But she pulled it off I think, delivered the lines very well. I have to be honest, it couldn't have worked out any better. One of the BEST WAM Clips ever. (in my biased opinion) and from the bottom of my heart (stupid I know lol but) .... Thank you!!!!!!!!!!
- I don't think there is anyone that has done a slapstick shoot that looks as good messed up as Carrie, I honestly think she looks hotter messed up than her normal hotness haha...
- The script came out really well. I know that's probably the furthest into Bitchiness and Humiliation you have gone in a shoot, but it works, you get the sense that Carrie really deserves everything she gets, poor girl haha
- WOW! Carrie wore the wrong dress (great for us!)
- WOW! That dress is so short ahahaha
- That has to have been the most covered any model on SS has ever got! not saying that there hasn't been a model who has got more slimes or more pies... Cos I know there has... But cos Carrie is sat down so mess collects and goes everywhere, THAT DRESS got Destroyed! Maybe more sitting down scenes in the future?
- That first Water throw, worked so well, Taylor's reaction was classic
- That first pie hit, quick and great
- First green Slime (First Pic) was soo good, one of the best green sliming ever maybe? covered that dress so well, maybe due to her being sat down
- That second PIC, such a classic moment, A Model DEFEATED haha
- 2 chocolate pies, I honestly thought, when you send preview pics, that Carrie have got chocolate slimed, but no. 2 pie did that much damage and worked that well :) AND SUPER FUCKING HOT! 4th Pic
- You did try and talk Taylor into getting the cake, nearly worked (she thought about it) Hope she does come back
- It did feel, more than any scene that Carrie really wanted to get you pied, and Taylor, some of the lines she was saying hahaha. Poor Carrie. She has gone through more on screen humiliation that any other model.
- Slip with a cake - hahahaha. you did say it!"

SCENE ONE: "The pics were great, but WOW! Carrie looks 10 times better in the video... That black bikini's got to be one of the best bikinis ever seen ina wam shoot. Carrie looks better than ever, really worked out and so perfect. The scene set up is great, that first pie is awesome, Taylor's reactions are brilliant plus Carrie's chat after is great with the pie slowly running down her hot body and bikini. It's always funny to see Carrie try and get the another model messy and fail, some awesome fail gags in this one for poor old Carrie. For me that's where she's strongest... that's also where she's funniest and where she's the messiest hahaha! Never seen that many fails gags in one scene, and all work so well. - Carrie holding the pie and Tayor pushing it hard in Carrie's face - Classic, can watch that all day - Taylor finally gonna get a pie in the face, then bending down to do up her shoe, then BANG! Straight in Carrie's face! Genius (you have to do that again) - As a first scene, very similar to SS116 Scene 1, SS125 Scene 1 and SS163 Scene 1 - This one is the best, by a mile, I felt like the script is tighter in this scene, more "fail" gags, the scene flows better, Taylor is that bikini, Carrie IN THAT bikini..."

SCENE ONE: "Ohh boy, where do I begin with this? I think you just might be right... Could post-baby Carrie here be the best she's looked.. ever? Damn...I think so. One could make an argument for her very first SS shoot, or the one with Shawna, but this one has to be in the conversation as well. Taylor manages to pull off the "vavoom" hot look while still maintaining a cute and innocent vibe about her. Very nice combo there and she definitely has a young Heather Locklear look to her. EXCELLENT job with the mess here. Very nice mix and variation of pies. You know I'm an SC guy first because many "real" pies can be hit or miss with coverage, but you managed to make the "real" pies more "soupy" which results in much better coverage. Hell.. some of those actually looked like soupier shaving cream pies! Nice job all around from the real ones as well as the SC ones! I will expect more of the same going forward! Great job on that THICK green sliming as well! Was there a copious amount of it? Yep. Was the coverage excellent? Yep. That was a 9 on a 1-10 scale sliming. If you have these THICK but smooth slimings mixed in with the slightly less thick but chunkier ones that were a trademark of your best ones from volumes past, you'll get nothing buy praise from me on the sliming front!
I've said it before, and I'll say it again... the one girl stays clean while the other gets all the mess routine just works for me. You really need to find ways to incorporate this more often. After all.. this very scenario IS pure slapstick at its finest!! Anyway, can't wait to see the rest with these two. "" --another customer email