Deana holds a special place in SlapstickStuff history, as she was basically our first "go-to" model, appearing in four of our first 30 volumes... including the first two-girl shoot (SS14), the first all-outdoors shoot (SS25), and our first attempt at a full-blown short film (SS30)! Plus, she's kinda adorable! Just The Hits: Deana has every single pie hit from all five Deana volumes (SS11, 14, 25, 30 & 54): Sixteen scenes in all!
Slime Time: Deana
is the same concept, but this time with all the slimings from those same volumes.
Please note that these are all "vintage" clips originally shot in standard-def 480p and will be lower quality than our current HD downloads.

Our huge thanks to Dan, who volunteered to do some editing work for us. He's responsible for how great these compilations look!