Would it surprise you to know that Jen has appeared in more volumes than any model not named Toshia? Yep, this gorgeous, curvy girl has always been a "dark horse" model who sold consistently well (in both the later SD years and the current HD era) but never really gets mentioned as one of our "all-time" greats. Maybe these compilations will change that! What she lacks in acting skills, she makes up for with her willingness to take all sorts of messy abuse in scene after scene... Oh yeah, and she usually drags her partner Christine into the mess too! And since she shot a lot of scenes in both the standard-def and HD eras, it was pretty obvious to split them up that way, so...
Just The Hits: Jen (Part 1) has every single pie hit from her SD volumes (SS89, 90, 91, 92, 100 & 104)... 18 scenes in all and more than 200 pies!
Slime Time: Jen (Part 1)
is the same concept, but this time with all the Jen slimings from those same volumes. More than 20 from above, another 20 or more "thrown," a few double slimings, some chocolate face dunkings and one "milking"...
Please note that these are all "vintage" clips originally shot in standard-def 480p and will be lower quality than our current HD downloads.

Our huge thanks to Dan, who volunteered to do some editing work for us. He's responsible for how great these compilations look!