It's our favorite sister duo! Jill & Jordan both came to our attention when the former was booked for a shoot (SS53) and the latter came along to laugh at her! After that, they both starred in the landmark three-girl shoot (SS58) and then reunited for a full-blown "Sister Vs. Sister" volume (SS84). In between, Jill found time to get pied and slimed with other models besides her sister... And all those clips are included as well! Just The Hits: Jill & Jordan has every single pie hit taken by either sister in their five volumes (SS53, 58, 59, 67 & 84): Sixteen scenes in all!
Slime Time: Jill & Jordan
is the same concept, but this time with all the slimings from those same volumes.
Please note that these are all "vintage" clips originally shot in standard-def 480p and will be lower quality than our current HD downloads. Also, you might see some stray mess hitting additional models like Danielle & Blake. Bonus!

Our huge thanks to Dan, who volunteered to do some editing work for us. He's responsible for how great these compilations look!