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It's the return of mainstream clip compilations! And 2014-16 was a great run, thanks mainly to two Brazilian shows: Chega Mais/Conexao Models and Domingo Legal ("Passa ou Repassa"). Sadly, both shows have all but eliminated their messy games as of August 2016, so the above compilations mark the "end of the line" until something new comes along.
All these comp clips have been edited to highlight just the female mess. Since the editing is often quite random on these shows, we also made sure to include any "aftermath" footage related to each pie hit, including occasional cleanup in the background of a shot and so-on. Please note that some "hair-only mess" (balloons in Chega Mais, "hair pies" in Domingo Legal) is not included, depending on the show. Average pie hits per clip is around 70 (!!).
TECHNICAL INFO: Due to Vidown restrictions, these clips are only being offered via GoogleDrive, a free sharing service. Your private download link will be sent to you upon PayPal receipt (but NOT instantly, so be patient). Most files are roughly 700MB each (with the exception of Conexao Part 2, which is 1.6GB due to the higher 1080p quality). Chega Mais Part 1 is chronological, but many early episodes were only 360p (upsized to 720p here) so video quality will be lower for those. Chega Mais Parts 2-4 and Conexao Part 1 are true 720p. Domingo Legal has varied its quality of uploads (480p, 720p, & 1080p) so compilations are split that way, although still chronological.


Please note: I do NOT own these copyrights. These clips are brief excerpts under the fair use law and not the entire episodes.