Okay, show of hands… Who here called me blogging on two models in succession? I wouldn't have believed it either, anymore than I would've believed that I'd be shooting a girl like Shelly AND a girl like Megan back-to-back. But it's been a nice little run lately, and while I'm not prone to hyperbole, let's just go ahead and agree that a model combining the best qualities of both these women would not only instantly become the greatest pie model to ever walk the earth… But she could probably cure cancer and bring peace to the Middle East in the bargain.
So SERIOUSLY…. This is Megan. She's my very first "fly in" model since I came back from hiatus…. but she covered her own flight. She is, objectively, one of the five hottest women I've EVER worked with (pretty sure this is not open for discussion)…. but she doesn't even have a set modeling rate. She was a bit overwhelmed at the amount of mess at the end of Scene 1 and worried about the time to redo her hair… but then we wound up shooting five scenes! I guess the running theme here is: Megan might possibly be the sweetest model on the planet, and it was almost (ALMOST) a shame to cover her with pies and slime and other assorted bakery items. Five separate times.
About that "overwhelmed" part: Like the fabled Deana shoot of yore, this was another case of the model not reading emails and not exactly realizing what she was (literally?) stepping into. Unlike Deana, I'm not sure Megan is planning to put "pie model" on her resume anytime soon. But to her credit, that super sweetness came through, and she took pie after pie and slime after slime without any complaint or hint of diva behavior. The end result is an extremely rare series of clips that I hope many of you will enjoy: A ridiculously gorgeous girl, reluctantly getting messy, with the kind of genuine reactions that are both cute and sweet and (let's be honest) incredibly hot as well.
Is she a born slapstick girl like Shelly, with spot-on acting skills and reactions? Nope. (In fact, her pirate skit is almost comical in how BAD she is at doing a pirate voice.) But there's something really wonderful about that, because she gave me the kind of genuine reactions that are impossible to coach: A combination of actual nervousness, true surprise, and constant amusement throughout. (It wasn't to hard to find a LOT of pics of her smiling through the mess, in other words.) There's plenty of priceless moments across the shoot, but some of my favorites: The way she loses her balance (repeatedly) when getting hit with flying slime in SS122Scene2, and trying not to crack up as it happens. This cute lil' "stagger" move when the first few pies fly at her in SS123Scene2, like she wasn't quite prepared for the impact. And of course, her own variation on the "Toshia stumble," particularly in the baker and pirate skits.
I plan to put together a trailer at some point, but I think the combo of pics and freebie clips should give you a pretty great idea of just how singularly amazing this shoot was: Perfect pie coverage throughout, perfect slimes, and a truly natural model giving a truly natural performance. Plus, every time I assumed Megan was ready to pull the plug, she kept right on going. (She even offered to shoot a sixth scene… at 10 o'clock at night! But I ixnayed that one… She was done and she'd definitely given more than enough. Sorry guys!) I get the feeling there are big things ahead for this girl, but even if she decides never to take a pie again, we got her on board with SlapstickStuff for one beautiful day.
And fortunately, the cameras were rolling… So watch, and enjoy.

"Good Lord, she's awesome." -Actual customer quote. 'Nuff said.