[NOTE: The following comments are all unsolicited excerpts from actual customer emails that we have received in 6 years of existence! Email us your feedback and you may see your own quotes on this list too!]

Reviews of our Saw parody have their own window here.

"I've always enjoyed your videos and clips. You provide a lot of free material in the form of photos and preview clips but I still feel compelled to purchase your scenes.There is one major reason for this production value. Your scenes contain very beautiful seemingly fun loving girls and that translates well to the camera. However where your productions excel in my opinion is in funny scripts and editing. The videos have a very professional feel to them and the cut in scenes are very well done. Sometimes I don't feel I am watching a 'pie video'but an actual TV show or movie. It makes for a much more enjoyable viewing experience."

"Allow me to retort.....OMG LOVE IT !!!!" - Feedback for the Pulp Fiction parody from Helena Christensen. I'm not kidding… THE Helena Christensen!

"I just purchased one of your new scenes (The Nightmare). You did a really great job. I bought it because I enjoy a good set-up and cute scene (I'll be honest, I'm kinda tired of the "model just gets pied" routine) and The Nightmare looked really unique. You always put a ton of effort into your scenes and it shows. I know how hard a shoot can be, but you make it look easy.
Julia is quite the enthusiastic actress. She was really awesome. I love her energy and how she works with Megan."

"You're like... one of my idols. Truly. I DO envy what you do for a living. I bet it was a long road to reach the place you are right now, I bet you have a lot of work with keeping the website and video editing and stuff, and I bet you got mad at a lot of things going wrong during your "hiking", but I also bet the view must be great up there… Congratulations, buddy. I've been 'sniping' you since Volume 31, when I first visited your website, and I could never imagine how far and big you could get."

"Brittany was awesome...pretty, enthusiastic and great personality. The best purchase I made in a long time. :)"

"Really liked Brittany. Looked so good I almost didn't want to see her get pied. Loved it."

"[For the Star Wars parody:] Excellent video, top notch editing and effects. This cannot be topped and likely will not be unless you choose to do more parodies like these. Elizabeth is hotter than ever and I am happy to see her back. She really looks good in this!"

"Wanted to tell you great idea to have the raw content on your site. I been on the kick lately of downloading the raw footage of a lot of your vids I already have. It's cool to hear the girls rehearse the scenes and see their unedited reactions. You get to see how playful many of the girls are.
Brandi was definitely amazing. I know you had to drop some b
ig coin to fly her out, but what a dream girl she is. Drop dead gorgeous and a sweetheart. She seemed like she really had fun."

"[In SS73] Nikki nailed her lines, but what made these skits was the body language. Being able to convey emotions of frustration and despair and annoyance without the benefit of facial reactions, since her pretty face is usually buried by pies, isn't an easy thing to master. Nikki did a wonderful job with her gestures... I know there's probably not a ton of opportunity to act in the Carolinas, but I believe Nikki should look for opportunities to continue to develop that side of her talent."

"Volume 71: Good one! Despite my intense anticipation for Scene One, my fave scene is definitely the ringmaster outfit. I love the staggering around - hilarious! In scene five I love the 'crust'pie on the line, 'I asked to see the cart, not wear it.' And her laugh right after the 'refill'on water. She was funny and seemed to have a great time."

"I really love the way you do your shoots. I like the fun, the jokes, sexy but really laughable too. In a good way of course! "

"Suffice to say, I'm REALLY looking forward to your next few releases. "

"I just want to tell you I absolutely LOVED this (SS57) DVD!!! You out-did yourself and I loved every single sketch!! Elle's acting was RIGHT on!! Her reaction to the pies RAWKED! Her looking in the camera... Perfect. Also, I have to say, I very much sincerely hope you continue your outside work like 'The Pieanos.'I mean, that whole thing (which I'm sure took some time to do) was fun and a lot of work. But it shows! GREAT job man!!! Honestly? This is my favorite DVD to date."

"Just thought I should let you know how happy I was with my last order. The raw footage of the upcoming Toshia volume was superb- I particularly enjoyed the extensive and in-depth interview. I hope she had fun and will be back again before long. Also, Jill and company are hilarious and Elle is quickly becoming a legend... I don't know if I should be praising her performance or your editing (probably both), but the comic timing in Volume 56 is superb."

"For a two-scene vid, I thought the 3 girl shoot vid was well worth it… I thought all those southern accents would be a distraction, but they are not in the least. Hopefully all 3 can come back in the near future, particularly Danielle. Thanks for mailing those so quickly!!"

"I'm not just saying this... But there are a LOT of people out there that try to make this work, this sort of comedy. A lot of websites. But I have to say, yours is by far my fave."

"I just ordered and watched this scene [SS55Scene4] and once again, I must say GREAT job! Amber is top notch in every way! As usual, great job, sir, and I look forward to buying more from you! Thanks a lot for the top quality in your videos!"

"As a regular customer, I thought I'd let you know how much I've enjoyed the downloads I've had this year. They just keep getting better and better!"

"Again, just want to tell you how glad I am that I found your website. You do the perfect stuff that's physical comedy! You keep gettin' better. And you rock...and continue to rock."

"Dude I just checked out your new skits and I gotta say, they look hilarious. The Halloween one is comedy gold, I was laughing my ass off reading it."

"Now, SS50 and 51... Those are some HILARIOUS and GREAT works of pie art... Great girl - perfect situation. Her 'comedic' voice/ laugh reminds me of Goldie Hawn... Excellent and funny graphics & editing - ESPECIALLY in 'SlapstickStuff Bakery.' That skit is PERFECT! It's incredible how she delivers the opening to that routine - again, I can't help but think Goldie with that laugh... You know how good these two volumes are, you did 'em and you've seen 'em. A perfect production!"

"You have been shooting some outstanding stuff... Keep up the good work !!"

"In terms of your co-ed session... I think the best part was the chemistry you had with your model, Marisa. It was really amazing, and seeing your relationships with other models you’ve worked with, this one was just THERE—if you know what I mean. Beyond the great feat of seeing two beautiful people get pummeled with pies, I felt that this would have lacked without the chemistry that was there—you both were having a lot of fun with it, and it just wasn’t you hitting someone with pies—and that was great and refreshing to see."

"If you were alive thousands of years ago, you would be dubbed the Roman God of Slapstick."

'WOW! I received my DVDs today! Now that's prompt. At the risk of sounding redundant, thanks for your promptness and your personal note… Your thoughts say it all -- focus on the work, and the rewards will follow… Honestly that's why you get the lion's share of my business… Your videos do a remarkable job of honoring the comedy pie gags of yesteryear."

"You have got to be one the best producers ever. From the beautiful girls... to even having a hundred shots each on your website. I love it. Thanks again!!"

"I'm obviously a fan of your previous work, but this latest video was incredible. Not just was it your best work yet, but it felt like a true You Can't Do That On Television sketch. The production value was excellent, the timing was perfect, the acting was top notch, and most importantly, the editing and the writing were spot on…. I could go on and on and bore you to death with how much I enjoyed the scene as a whole, but 'll stop and just say it was a great production. It highlighted what a privilege it's been to watch you grow as an artist, and I can't congratulate you enough on the quality of the work you're turning out these days."

"I received my first order yesterday. Thank you for the very prompt service. I am amazed at how quickly I received my order. The video is fabulous! You obviously put a lot of effort into it, and the end result is incredible. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it, and anticipate watching it many more times. You did a great job of capturing the spirit of the old silent films."

"Well I already downloaded all five [scenes from SS39], and well worth it they are too. Superb volume - one of your best."

"Just downloaded the three main skits from Volume 38. Absolutely awesome stuff... Very nice indeed."

"I don't know how you continually manage to top yourself, but you're doing amazing work. "

"Just to let you know: Volume 34 is your best one yet!! I thought your intros for each sketch were a GREAT idea… Again, thanks and I L-O-V-E-D this volume!!"

"New teaser! FANTASTIC! There is definitely a 'commercial' appeal to it. This masterpiece should not only be seen by just us or anyone who happens by your site."

"That silent movie is masterful! I'm gonna wear that DVD out!"

"'A Day At The Bakery' is just splendid! Heavenly! Amazing work man!... AND great choice of music - especially like the Paragon Orchestra's 'Black And White Rag' when that trombone accents Deana's hit. It's all very fitting and comes together so well. Long overdue for such vids!"

"How you've grown as a producer! Your DVDs are a must have…. second to none."

"Dude, classic! …You've created a DVD that will have a proud place in my collection. Hilarious, the music and timing were perfect."

"Maaaaaaaan Yea! Your best work yet Rich… You have really outdone yourself my friend."

"That trailer/promo you did has to be one of the best/coolest things I've ever seen. Seriously, just amazing. Especially knowing how much work you put into it, selecting all the shots/clips and syncing them up to particular places in the music, or to make a montage of certain kinds of hits. Just outstanding."

"You have reached near perfection!!! Genuinely funny, and your editing has gotten near perfect now as well!… I just wanted to give you more praise for the direction you've been going in and the luck (or skill) you've had in finding these great models to do your shoots!"

"The outdoor scene on Volume 15 may be the single greatest piece of cinema ever. It's either that or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I'm torn."

"I'm going to take this opportunity to again congratulate you on being the premier producer of pie material at the present time... This is not to take away from those very competent guys who've made great stuff in the past, but with the consistency of pies, cuteness of targets and the generally fun reactions of the ladies, I have to say that nobody has made anything better before, and that the pie producers really haven't responded yet to the gauntlet that's been thrown down."

"WOW! That's all I can say. That is by FAR the BEST pie video I have ever seen, and well worth twice the price."

"I can no longer refrain from saying you are producing THE BEST stuff. And it just keeps getting better."

"Not be a brown noser or anything, but [the videos] actually exceeded my expectations. This is, by far, the best stuff I've seen and, no, I don't say that to everyone. I love the editing work with the various angles as well as the interspersing of actual television clips… and I was blown away by the fact that you really DO have working menu screens and I felt that the behind the scenes stuff was a nice touch… I will most certainly be checking up on future volumes of your work. Thank you so much for what you do and for all your assistance and patience with my order. And now that I've ranted yet again... I'll wrap this up by saying my appreciation goes out to you."

"Just thought I'd send you a quick email to personally congratulate you on your fantastic quality work and your professionalism - you seem entirely without pretense."

"Well I got your tape and I have two words: HOLY S**T!!!!!!! What a tape I really loved it. Honestly I think you're the new man in town and your stock has just risen. That was one hell of a tape, and well worth the money. Man I can't wait to see more from you. Keep up the AWESOME work."

"Regarding your scenes, I have only watched the Alias take-off and Laugh In and Suzie Sales scenes. That was enough to allow me to say without any hesitation that you are the man! It is not even close… Again, thank you! You are the Barry Bonds of pies. Without the 'roids and body armor."

"Flat out...your stuff rules."