Our favorite nurse returns for more shenanigans! More mess! Still not much wardrobe.

All HD and HD RAW clips are 1280 x 720 resolution in MP4 format, filmed and edited in high definition.
Each angle (Close, Medium, Wide) is available as an individual download, or order a "Complete" download of all three clips and clips and save!
For those who prefer physical media...
Standard DVDs are playable on any DVD or Blu-Ray player (720x480 resolution).
HD DVDs are playable only on a Blu-Ray player (1920x1080 resolution). Please do not order if you're not BR-compatible!
RAW volumes are only available through the links below and are not eligible with other offers.

SS118: $25
All three edited scenes, 65 minutes. [HD or SD]

SS118RAW HI-DEF: $40
Three Dual-Layer DVDs + SS118HD

SS118RAW: $35
Three Single-Layer DVDs + SS118SD

Why mess with a good formula? Britney is not only beautiful, but she genuinely loves the pies--especially chocolate! So you know the unedited footage is gonna be long... and funny... with plenty of "playing" in the mess afterwards. We wouldn't have it any other way!
And if you want visual proof... Brit's "post-game" interview... for free!