Playboy model Kylie Kohl comes to SlapstickStuff to wear a tiny amount of clothes and a large amount of pies. Wow. Just... WOW.
(Want even more details? Read the blog! And watch the Star Wars trailer on YouTube!)

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SS137: $25
Three edited scenes. [HD or SD]

SS137RAW HI-DEF: $40
Three Dual-Layer DVDs in HD

SS137RAW: $35
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I'm not sure SlapstickStuff has ever pushed the envelope like this before! In an insane debut--shot in two separate years!--Playboy model Kylie Kohl proves she is fun, hilarious, and down for ANYTHING. (Except wearing a lot of clothes.) Scene 1 is the slingshot scene to end all slingshot scenes... and that's before the pies start flying! In fact, Kylie looked so good while posing that I decided we really didn't need many messy pics to sell this... But rest assured, between 16 pies and 3 slimes (including a deluge of white slime!!), she gets completely covered. (And how confident am I that you'll love this clip? Well, you can get a different scene FREE if you're not 100% satisfied!)
So where to go from there? How about a Star Wars parody--with Kylie in full slave girl attire--or a ridiculous nurse/cop mash-up where Kylie gets four slimes AND chocolate-covered? For all the details, read the blog and keep checking this page!