Shelly returns with new friend Kasie... Will they work together in harmony? Or just scheme to mess up the other? [Hint: It's the second one.]

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We owe Shelly a big one for recruiting new girl Kasie, who came to this shoot "really wanting to get hit with pies." Well, congrats Kasie... We granted that wish and then some!
These two are great friends in real life who enjoy "messing" with each other, so it was pretty easy to translate that dynamic to the SlapstickStuff world. Perhaps it's new girl Kasie trying to push Shelly to an early retirement? Or maybe some dueling bakers who will stop at nothing to humilate the other one? Or perhaps it's the return of the Outdoor Lounge Chair Skit (TM)... This time with TWO hotties in bikinis! Either way, you can't go wrong with any of these clips!