It's a holiday-themed volume from SlapstickStuff! We are proud to welcome new model Aliyah, a busty beauty whose love of tiny American flags lines up perfectly with her very tiny American swimsuit. Unfortunately, her singing voice is bad enough to bring down red, white & blue slime... Not to mention 15 pies! SlapstickStuff's very first Independence Day skit will make you say "God bless America!" (Oh yeah, she also did another scene for us. No holiday theme there. We're ashamed of ourselves too.)
And handling a different holiday is Eryn, AKA our favorite Easter Bunny! She
wears the classic "bunny" costume and gets well-and-truly covered in mess thanks to pies... chocolate... chocolate pies... marshmallow Peeps (OK, that was a pie too)... And even "egg slime." Yum!
Watch a free patriotic teaser and an excerpt from the Easter scene here!

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