SlapstickStuff is proud to roll out a series of male-centric clips, for those who think it's only fair (and funny) to see the models get revenge on their producer!
Scene One is our stab at political humor (not really), as Donald Trump (not really) gets his well-deserved comeuppance when Collette the maid decides she's had enough of his sexist remarks and decides to strip, slime & pie him! If you like seeing the guy get humiliated by a scantily-clan maid, this is your scene! (Also if you like bad Donald Trump impressions, this is your scene as well...)
Scenes 2 & 3 have been previously released: Scene 2 has Elle come out of retirement to triple-slime the producer, and Scene 3 features Jen & Ginger, teaming up for the first time to strip, slime, and pie the guy.
And finally, Scene 4 has gorgeous Breana pieing the guy for the first time ever! (Plus Ginger pieing him for the 23rd time...) They team up to really clobber him in this all-pie fest.
RAW DVDs now available, edits coming eventually!

All HD and HD RAW clips are 1280 x 720 resolution in MP4 format, filmed and edited in high definition.
Each angle (Close, Medium, Wide) is available as an individual download, or order a "Complete" download of all three clips and clips and save!

For those who prefer physical media...
Standard DVDs are playable on any DVD or Blu-Ray player (720x480 resolution).
HD DVDs are playable only on a Blu-Ray player (1920x1080 resolution). Please do not order if you're not BR-compatible!
RAW volumes are only available through the links below and are not eligible with other offers.

SS150: $25
All four edited scenes. [Specify HD or SD]

SS150RAW HI-DEF: $35
Two Dual-Layer DVDs in HD

SS150RAW: $30
Two Single-Layer DVDs