I'm not sure we've ever had a debut--or a resume--like this one! Brin is: 1) a model, 2) an actress, 3) a beauty pageant winner, 4) a fan of comic books, horror movies, Archer, and the Three Stooges, and 5) not a figment of my imagination. (Trust me on this one.)
Every once in a while, SlapstickStuff finds a model perfectly suited to what we do: Toshia, Shelly, and now Brin. I would peg her as the personality of SS101/105 Britney, coupled with the enthusiasm and fearlessness of Shelly, and with better acting skills than either! Plus she can pull off the "Curly pie fight" and the "clumsy bowl gag." If this sounds like your idea of a great volume, well... SS151 is gonna blow your mind!

Check out a behind-the-scenes trailer here! And another one here! And one more here!
"Soooo...Brin....Yes...yes.....YYYEEEEESSSS!!!! Michelle retiring? Devastating. However, the torch has been passed and Brin is running with it directly into a barrage of pies without even blinking. Yes...yes.....YYYYEEESSS!!! Like Michelle, Like Brit, there isn't much more you can ask from Brin. Amazing body, beautiful smile, beaming personality, incredible acting and slapstick timing. Yes...yes.....YYYYEEESSS!!!! This girl knows how to deliver the lines to perfection. "I mean..COME ON!! SOMEONE GIVE ME A PIE!!" You can't teach anyone to do it any better! Save the clip, and just send it to all of the clown colleges in existence. This is slapstick the way it was meant to be done... Everything just seems to come naturally to Brin. There are many models in the past who may have done well or even borderline "great" but you never walked away from it thinking that it truly came natural to them. It seems Brin can do just about anything and make it look easy. So..does this girl immediately vault into the "greatest of all time" conversation? Yes...yes.....YES!!" --actual customer email

All HD and HD RAW clips are 1280 x 720 resolution in MP4 format, filmed and edited in high definition.
Each angle (Close, Medium, Wide) is available as an individual download, or order a "Complete" download of all three clips and clips and save!

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SS151: $25
All three edited scenes, 93 minutes. [HD or SD]

SS151RAW HI-DEF: $40
Three Dual-Layer DVDs in HD

SS151RAW: $35
Three Single-Layer DVDs