All good things must come to an end, and SS157 marks the final volume for the always entertaining duo of Shelly & Kasie. You want chemistry? These two have it in spades! Want a lot of tit-for-tat pies? Ditto. Scene 1 is from an earlier shoot where a "Bake Off" turns into a game show where the winner pies the loser... with super sticky "Chega Mais" pies! (Oh yeah, and it's rigged. Because... Chega Mais!) Will Shelly finally get revenge? Will Kasie keep groping Shelly inappropriately? Hmmm... Watch an excerpt and see!
Now comes Scene 2: Once again, Shelly gets the absolute worst of it as a "prize machine" keeps dispensing pies in her face rather than Kasie's! Oh, but Shelly's revenge will be sweet... Amazing chemistry throughout this one, solid tit-for-tat action, and a great humilation showdown: Shel slams Kasie's face into a tin of chocolate pudding repeatedly, so Kasie shoves her face into a super gooey cake! Amazing caking for Shelly and a cake fight to close it out! Watch an excerpt here!
And finally, Scene 3. It starts off slow (although Shelly gets destroyed with another cake), but once the girls start pieing each other, it devolves into one of the loosest, craziest, most energetic two-girl scenes we've ever done. Shelly & Kasie pie & slime each other... themselves... and even the producer. Everyone's a winner!!

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