It's been a long time since I've worked with a true girl-next-door (someone with zero model experience)... But maybe I was just waiting for the right one? Well, Mya is absolutely the real deal: An all-natural beauty with charm and enthusiasm and (arguably) better acting skills than most of my "professional" girls! If you were waiting for a throwback to the spirit of the "early" SlapstickStuff years, this is your scene! Or, better yet... If you like the personalities of those girls but the fancier production values and variety of mess of today, this is definitely your scene!
Most of you have seen Mya's debut clip, but trust me... Scene Two is even better! It's a very long and very messy one where her workout turns into face-first falls into cake and chocolate pudding, pie barrages, and "cake lifts" that might be the best cakings we've ever done! And best of all, the girl can really improvise even under the mess! She goes 4 full minutes covered in slime without wiping, and 6 (!!) minutes getting more and more caked to close the scene.
Since pics don't do her justice, make sure you check out her "workout tips" on YouTube and watch the free trailer from Scene One... If you like what you see here, you'll love Mya!

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