In addition to her many other attributes, Breana also holds the record for shooting with more different models in her SS career than anyone else! Her down-to-earth personality is a perfect compliment to Ginger's manic energy... And this clip finds them both wearing some skimpy lingerie as they decide who is "meaner" to the other. (Hint: Getting the other girl messy is very mean.) Pretty even distribution of pies and slime here, although Breana actually gets the upper hand (for once) when she avoids the cake (for the first time EVER!) and smashes Ginger instead! Will the most-caked girl in SS history finally go cake free? Hmm.... This is a great loose scene with LOTS of goofing around between (and during) the mess!
And then in Scene 2, Breana finally gets to be the veteran who "trains" newbie Amy as they conduct an intenstive phase of "Pie Testing." Unfortunately, Amy is the control subject and Bre is the one who gets ALL the real messy pies! Will the tables turn? Will Amy get hers? Will Bre get caked into oblivion yet again? Stay tuned!

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