We pride ourselves on hiring the most gorgeous girls around for SlapstickStuff, but even by our standards, Vanessa is... WOW. So how did this high-fashion model and all-natural beauty with personality to spare wind up shooting with us? Well, she might be asking herself the same thing!
In every respect, this shoot (four scenes spread across SS173 and the forthcoming SS174) was far outside our now well-established "box." Scripts were written... and not used. Messy gags were adjusted and changed on the fly. More than any other model, Vanessa definitely took over SlapstickStuff, with her incredibly smart (and sarcastic) personality driving every scene. So fair warning: If you want scripted gags and planned setups, better skip this one. But if you want to see an amazingly hot spitfire get super messy with 100% authentic reactions, then buy this. Immediately. (And did I mention the insanely tiny bikinis? There's nothing but insanely tiny bikinis here.)
I'm also limiting the number of messy preview pics for this one (although that might change), as Vanessa really needs to be "experienced" in action. But on the flipside, I'm hoping to throw out random unedited "excerpts" from each scene:
Watch SS173Tease1, SS173Tease2, and SS173Tease3 here. To be honest, I could've pulled a dozen more just like this. As I said, she's a force of nature... and truly, one of the most unique shoots I've ever done. Let me know whatcha think and enjoy!

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