Just when you thought Breana couldn't get any sexier (or messier)... She's back! In two new scenes with two different blondes!
Scene One introduces brand-new model Dulci, an old friend of Bre's who makes the mistake of being her "stand-in" and suffers the messy consequences! But of course, Bre being Bre, you knew it was only a matter of time before she got the worst of it. This one has it all: All varieties of pies, tit-for-tat action, back-and-forth green slimings, multiple cakes for Bre, an EPIC tit-for-tat with super gooey Brazilian pies... and so much laughing. These friends really enjoy it when the other one gets it! Grab the scene early now, and watch some teasers too:
SS176Tease1, SS176Tease2, SS176Tease3, and SS176Tease4!
And don't forget about Scene Two, with Bre & Jessy teaming up for a third time! As you all know, these two have some of the best chemistry together, which makes this scene even more ridiculous than usual! Bre really gets the worst of it here, but Jessy gets plenty of slime, plus her "Sidekick Girl" is the perfect foil to Bre's unlucky spy. And Breana's "balance issues" during her epic pie barrage? Some of the best stuff she's ever done! Watch their teasers now:
SS176Tease5 and SS176Tease6!

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