So we all know Breana is gorgeous and sexy and a trooper til the end... But we don't give her enough credit for turning into a pretty good actress! And in this volume, she really gets to show off her acting chops! (Also her "cake falling" chops. She's really good at that too...)
Scene One is a "sequel" to one of our least popular skits: Green's Anatomy! But I'm hoping the second effort gets a better reception, as "Meredith Green" tries to impress Doctors McDreamy, McSteamy, and McCreamy with her cooking skills... and her willingness to volunteer for the hospital's charity pie booth. Oh, poor Breana... Her first "clean to caked" is one for the ages, and by the end, when she's face down in a cake and getting covered in slime, that final sigh will definitely make you think: "Now that was some acting!"
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Scene Two is one of our more original (and insane) concepts, even though our rigged gameshow It's Not Fair! goes all the way back to Year One. (It wasn't as messy then...) After losing at a variety of games, Bre decides to take the "physical challenge," and winds up digging through a giant sheet cake... using only her face! If you didn't think she was a trooper before... Well, eight cake plunges might change your mind! You'd think that would be enough, but no... We repeated the same process with a big bowl of chocolate! And of course we had to (literally) throw in some pies... and another cake... and green slime... I don't think Bre required much acting to get annoyed by the end of this one!

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