For the third time in a year, we present Breana and Kylie--our two best-selling models of the HD era--in one fantastic volume. But this time it's even more "revealing" than ever! Yes, we finally got Breana to don the infamous red slingshot (Hint: Pay her more $$), but we didn't stop there! She got not one but FOUR amazing cakings... From a clean fall into a giant sheet cake, to a face-first dive, to multiple "slams," these are undoubtably the best series of cakings we (and maybe any other producer??) have done to date. And just to sweeten the pot, how about all-real pies? Or thick green slime? And a "prequel" where mean girl Breana wrecks the producer... Thereby leading to the karmic payback that is the rest of this scene. Not gonna lie: This is my personal favorite of ALL the Breana scenes. Hope you dig it too!
So how to follow that one? Well, if you're Kylie, you simply do the entire scene in a G-string and see what happens! Yep, our favorite clothes-adverse model returns for another topless scene even better and messier than the one from SS156. At the time we shot this, four cakes was a new record for one scene, and since "caked" is only one letter away from "naked"... You see where we're going here! But the real kick is watching Kylie have so much fun getting caked... and pied... and slimed... and improvising great bits like her love for the producer or her poor word choice. She even has a Flashdance moment and tries some cake sitting! For those who love it when we venture outside our PG-13 standards... You need this! We even shot "tease" footage too!

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