It's a match so perfect, I wonder why we didn't think of it sooner: Breana IS Wonder Woman!
Thanks to the kind assistance (and custom money) of our co-writer, this is a full-blown mini-movie, paying loving nostalgic homage to the classic 1970s Lynda Carter series... with a few other retro references along the way. Princess Diana transforms into Wonder Woman to battle the evil Clayface, only to wind up taking 20 real pies (!!), multiple chocolate slimings, and (because this is Breana) two sheet cakes smashed in her face! The final "edit" runs 19 minutes, followed by additional non-FX outtakes. The RAW footage has no FX of course.... and if you want the best of everything, the "Complete" gets you all three angles AND the final edit sent to you for free!
And with the mega blockbuster movie coming out, there's no better time to release a shameless tie-in celebrate the legacy of Wonder Woman... especially the messy parts!

"I am so happy with it! Breana did a magnificent job! I also love how you brought my script & my vision to life. It's definitely a dream come true!!" --our sponsor

And how to follow up Wonder Woman? Hmm.... How about the hottest multi-cultural exchange we've ever had at SlapstickStuff? Did I mention that Breana's latest friend might be the only girl who can compete with Bre in the realm of curves... and booty... and skimpy wardrobe.... and getting absolutely destroyed with mess?? This might be one of our most epic two-girl scenes to date. We threw the entire kitchen sink at them! (Pudding pies, cakes, green slime, chocolate, shaving cream pies, Bowl Of Glop, etc....) Enjoy!

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