For everyone asking when Sidney was coming back: Your prayers have been answered! And by "coming back," we of course mean "releasing the final scene from her original shoot in a different volume." But, technicalities....
You can tell this was the final blowout for the most enthusiastic SS model of the HD era: We basically threw away the script to let Sidney be her lovable, crazy self. That means impromptu gymnastics moves.... An unprecendented three self-cakings (and BOY is she good at those).... Getting pied in a full split... Fun with the Bowl Of Glop(TM)... And finishing with an epic sliming and "playing" that left her covered head-to-foot in green! If you like your scenes fun, spontaenous, and very messy... You need to grab Sidney's finale NOW!
We're also combining this one with the final scene from Marla's debut. This was also pretty "loose" as Marla neglected to bring wardrobe for this scene! So we had to raid the ol' SS costume closet for this "Greek goddess" look. The actual scene has ZERO to do with Greeks, or goddesses, but does feature two giant cakes, more fun with the Bowl Of Glop
(TM), and a super slime finale with green, red, and orange slimings! Marla got absolutely covered and, apparently, fulfilled a few childhood Nickelodeon dreams as well.... The footage of her dancing mid-slime is worth the price of admission alone. Also, this might be the fewest pies EVER (1) in a SlapstickStuff skit. Short but fun... Kinda like Marla. Enjoy!

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