Looks like it's a tradition! Our third annual "Independence Day Celebration" is bigger, better, and WAY messier! How? Well, this time we got two hotties in the same skit.... Gave them both super-patriotic, super-skimpy bikinis.... Added a bunch of real pies, red & blue slime, and eight cakes.... and watched the madness unfold!
For those who missed Yezzica's debut in SS184, she has a great chemistry with Bre... and, of course, a CRAZY booty. And they split the mess equally, so cakings fans, that means each girl gets caked FOUR different times! (And yes, they're all pretty awesome.) We also threw in a lot more tit-for-tat pies, and of course plenty of hair and booty shots too! I also love that it was Bre's idea to wear these ridiculous bikinis (they came from her wardrobe!) AND we almost had our first-ever Bre Wardrobe Malfunction.... So yes folks, the final messy bits were shot with poor Yezzica covering Bre's left breast and getting caked at the same time. God bless America!
This scene also ran super-long (over an hour and 15 minutes!) so the prices reflect that. The "Complete" footage gets you the edit with all the green-screen effects AND the unedited footage... which I color-corrected to lose that annoying green-screen "tinge." (Hence the grey backdrops.) I think it's some of the best-looking footage I've shot. Grab everything now and get your July 4th holiday started right!

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