Reason #212 why Breana might be the greatest SlapstickStuff model ever: In less than two years, she's gone from a gorgeous, if modest, fashion model... to a bombshell willing to don micro-bikinis that are probably illegal in 32 states. (Oh yeah, and after that, she's also willing to get destroyed with cakes... AND pies... AND slime...)
Scene One is a pseudo-sequel to the (still amazing) SS180 "slingshot scene." After we broke a couple Bre barriers with that one (Most Skin Shown and Most Cakes Taken), it was a lot easier to convince her to wear this pink micro-bikini... and do numerous silly pratfalls, ranging from "Bucket On Head" to "accidentally" smashing herself with numerous real pies. And the THREE cake pratfalls in this one? Possibly the best she's ever done! (Which is really saying something...)
Faithful audience, I feel like you already know if this scene is right for you. If you love Breana at her sexiest... and messiest.... AND bitch-iest (because let's face it, that attitude makes her comeuppance so much better).... You just need to pull out your credit card already. (Or just
check out the trailer...)
As for Scene Two, it's awesome in a totally different way! This is the second half of Dulce's two-girl shoot with Bre, and you can already tell she's WAY more comfortable than she was in SS176: Taking three slimes like a champ, reacting in classic slapstick fashion as she gets pied, and most importantly... REALLY enjoying it when Bre gets destroyed. Which she does... Over and over. "Clumsy Girl" is the role she was born to play, and in another micro-bikini, she's all stumbling and pratfalls as she slams herself with pies, falls into three cakes, and gets absolutely covered in our greatest Bowl Of Glop ever. I really can't stress how much FUN this scene is... The dynamic between these two is absolutely great. It's another essential purchase!

"That Bre Bikini scene is AWESOME!! That one yellow cake hit that you did was amazing. I think that's the single best cake hit I have ever seen... Great work as always!! :)" -- actual customer email

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