For better or worse, it's a trend: Another long-running model wraps up her SlapstickStuff career with three final blowout scenes! Sabrina/Bree was always a "cult favorite" with her gorgeous red (well, auburn now) hair, her willingness to "throw" herself into gags, and her zany, perfect reactions every time. (She's still our only model who considers Lucille Ball a role model!)
Her final volume probably has as much variety as anything we've released lately: Scene One is pie-centric, with mostly real pies, some of our unique "Brazilian pies," and Bree's first-ever caking. (Which is seriously one of our best cakings to date! Go Bree!) Scene Two is heavy on the pratfalls, as "Clumsy Bree" gets her head stuck in a flower pot, falls into a cake, gets her hands stuck in tissue boxes while trying to wipe up, falls into a second cake, "accidentally" pies herself (three times), dumps a bowl of slime on her head, does a floor face plant into a third cake, and triggers a barrage of pies and chocolate slime! (All in a day's work?) And finally, Scene Three is the return of the classic "lounge chair" skit, with everything you'd expect (four slimes including chunky, all shaving cream pies, and a hosedown cleanup) and a few new Bree wrinkles (lots of feet in the air for you foot fans, and a "bird eye's view" of our girl post-slime). It adds up to a stellar volume and a great send-off to one of our favorites!

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