It's Who Wore It Best: SlapstickStuff Edition, as Kylie and Breana both don the same ridiculously tiny red micro-bikini and get covered in mess... But each model winds up in a very different place by the end!
Kylie's clip is almost comical for the ridiculous amount of wardrobe malfunctions it contains. (Which we didn't plan... Honest!) She tries to power through, but as she gets caked, pied, caked again, and slimed (plus a few dunks into the Bowl of Glop), that micro-bikini just will not stay put!
So yes, the scene ends with the Moment You've Been Waiting For: Kylie finally tosses that ridiculous scrap of clothing and goes full nude! (I guess we broke her...?)
Breana... does NOT go full nude. Or even a tiny bit nude. Miraculously, a lot of double-sided tape keeps that bikini in place... even as she takes FIVE cakes (!!) and assorted real pies along the way. She also gets one of the greatest--and most unique--messes we've ever done: A Bowl Of Glop SlimingTM! Breana has done more than her share of "Face Down On The Floor" scenarios, but this one... with multiple excellent cake falls and all that Glop and that bikini.... might top them all!
This Thanksgiving, we're extra thankful to have two awesome models willing to wear this kind of wardrobe and get THIS messy. Enjoy!

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