She's an actress, an international model, a magician's assistant.... And one of the best debuts we've ever had! It's Victoria, and she's both old-school Hollywood gorgeous and completely willing to get 100% messy.... usually with her dry sense of humor leading the way! All three scenes started off scripted but we quickly let Victoria call the shots, for good reason: She loves talking directly to the audience, and she really "got" all the essential slapstick elements immediately. (Her "I dare you!" taunt before getting blasted with a perfectly thrown pie is one of many highlights.)
Acclaim is already coming in for our newest superstar, so check out her trailer of Scene One footage and then pick up her scenes! You will NOT be disappointed....

"Just wanted to say even though I've only just started watching the scene what a great personality, really haming it up and getting involved. Did she watch some examples beforehand as she really got the humour, vocabularry and pacing right from the off... Now I've finished the episode I can say the entertainer in her really came out. Those self pies are some of the best I've seen. Also your throwing was on point throughout!"
"Victoria was quite awesome, bought her first scene last night. First scene and she had a great top on... Loved that she wants to make the scenes a little more fun."
"I have to say that must have been one of the strongest debuts of yours. Every episode is a strong one, I think Scene 3 shades it for me with that opening, reminds me of SS95 Scene 1. I hope you do well with her as it would be such a shame not to bring her back."
--actual customer email

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