It's a sad day for SlapstickStuff, as we say goodbye to one of the cornerstones of our last seven years. Carrie was just our second HD shoot (way back in 2012!), and despite her many (many) hair color changes... and her many (many) scene partners... She's never been less than fantastic in every one of her appearances. And you customers agree: She's one of our best sellers of the HD era too! We're gonna miss that girl-next-door Southern charm... The adorable way she took pie after pie (after slime, after cake).... And her ability to keep smiling even when she got the worst of it. (Which happened a lot!)
And talk about full circle: The only two solo shoots Carrie did were her first... and her last. But she was amazing right up until the end. Thankfully, we got to say goodbye the right way: With a bunch of jokes about her upcoming retirement, followed by a whole bunch of mess! Watch her final trailer and I think you'll agree.... We're gonna miss you, Carrie!

"Just have to say it’s very bitter sweet for me, as Carrie was the reason why I got into Slapstick videos in the first place, so she is very dear to my heart :)
That outfit in the first scene is freaking HOT! Different to what’s she worn before, reminds me of her very first scene in SS113 in her little country outfit... Simple but perfect. Great before the scene quote “I can bake a cake way better than that one” and you guys talk about the fact that she could have baked a cake at home then brought it with her only for it to end up in her face hahaha I don’t care that it didn’t happen, just to have that conversation on camera is hilarious... I loved the way the first scene came out! Chocolate pies are awesome and I think this scene and SS199 S3 shows why more models need to sit on stools... I’m so glad Carrie got to pie you! When you mentioned at the end of the shoot, Carrie would be able to get her revenge on you, her face just lit up haha! She really enjoyed it, loved the gag where you both were holding a pie each and you saying a pie for you and a pie for me… then she takes your pie and smashes it hard in your face, she’s a natural at your job haha… And man I love Carrie in bikinis! So I know she’s not the best actress that has appeared on SS. But she is best at playing “the victim” of pies, the best at playing the “smug and bitchy” person, one of the best at pulling off the pie gags and the best at being the most fun... You NEVER know, maybe Carrie will return is a few years, but if this is her last shoot... What a lovely send off. And thank you for bringing her back all these years and letting me be a part of the shoots by sponsoring and scripting a few." --customer/sponsor email

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