At SlapstickStuff, we pride ourselves on working with consistently "fit" models of all different sizes.... But I think we outdid ourselves this time! Jess is a red-blood Cuban fitness trainer, competitor, and enthusiast, and probably in better shape than anyone reading this. Also, as you might notice from the pictures, she's really tiny. (Those of you who hate looking at the male producer, this is your volume...) Naturally, we assumed she'd avoid the pies as much as possible. We were.... wrong.
It's been a long time since we've shot a model this enthusiastic about getting messy right away! Jess laughs at every pie that comes her way, eats about half of them, falls into the cakes for good measure (her opening cake fall in Scene 2 is perfect).... and still looks perfect from every single angle! Don't believe us? Watch the trailer! It's another new girl you're gonna absolutely love as the new era rolls on!

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