In her own unassuming way, Taylor is quickly becoming one of the most consistent "regulars" in recent memory... and she's gaining the fans too! So SS205 makes for a nice little comparison to see how far she's come in a short time, as these scenes were shot about a year apart. (Did the hair give it away?) Scene Two is a "classic" skit we've done a few times, and Taylor excels with it, definitely "throwing" herself into the physical aspects. (She trips into cakes, slips and "accidentally" pies herself, and gets covered in slime while lying on the ground.... among other indignities...) What more can you ask? Well...
Scene One has basically NO script, one basic setup (Taylor is selling "Tasty Tuna" but we keep adding pies).... and there's absolutely no other model but Taylor who could've done it this way. By this point, we'd done six shoots together (yeah, there's more in the vault) and our comfort level is pretty obvious. We joked about this being "peak Taylor," but it's true: She's completely unfiltered, and always hilarious, and most of it just feels like you're hanging out with a very cute, funny, charming girl.... who keeps getting hit with pies and cakes the entire time. Oh... and who decided not to wear a bra and has to constantly keep digging pie mess out of her cleavage. The wardrobe didn't seem like a big deal at the beginning. Little did we know!
So there you have it, loyal viewers: If you like the classic, tightly-scripted stuff, Scene Two is for you. If you love the loose, rambling, tangent-filled scenes where every reaction and ad-lib is genuine, grab Scene One. (Or grab them both! It's Taylor!)

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