Perhaps you noticed the theme of this volume? Yes indeed, SS206 is all about models who have big... PLANS... that don't involve us. Sad but true: These are the final scenes for both Kylie and Erica, so we had to make them special!
For Kylie, whose desire not to wear clothing on camera broke all kinds of barriers for us, we sent her out in an R-rated blaze of glory! Yes sir, the first SS girl to go topless does her final scene completely topless! (Yeah, we pixelated the free pictures, but there's none of that in the actual clips you buy... Mainly because we don't have an entire CGI department.) And we made sure to spare no pie-or-cake expense, culminating in a naked cake fall AND... wait for it... Kylie finally going full nude! (To be honest, we didn't really have a say in the matter... Girl wanted to get out of that thong...) It's the perfect send-off for our first (and so far only) R-rated SlapstickStuff superstar!
For Erica, we were hoping to have her longer, but sadly... Not to be. Fortunately, her final scene pulls out all the stops, from that barely-there bikini... to the huge variety of pies... to some nice girl-pies-guy footage to begin... to a LOT of messy "fighting" with the producer throughout! (We call it "fighting" because it's mostly Erica trying to get the producer messy, and just getting it way worse. But she still thinks she won, so don't tell her...) This is a loose, fun, sexy scene that totally works because of Erica's free-spirited personality. Yeah, she may look like a calendar girl, but once she gets messy she's a complete goofball! Too bad she didn't stay longer, but at least she had a blast while she was here!

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