After sharing scenes with numerous other models, we finally found the perfect foil for Breana: Herself! Our favorite Latina outdoes herself in an epic dual role, playing both the Host (AKA Bre in a gorgeous form-fitting dress) and the Instagram Model (AKA Bre in super diva mode and a tiny bikini). Watch as Host Bre puts Model Bre through the SlapstickStuff boot camp, designed to mess up models with attitudes while making them think it was their idea! See Host Bre enjoy the predicament of Model Bre way too much! And stay tuned as Host Bre learns the hard way that no one gets out of a SlapstickStuff scene 100% clean....
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--Scene One Complete (RAW HD Store) Unedited footage (3 angles) from both parts, plus free code for Final Edit & Outtakes (8 files)
--Scene One (HD or Original Store) Final Edit (23 min) + effects-free Outtakes (21 min) (2 files)
--Scene One Edit (HD or Original Store) Final Edit (23 min) (1 file)
--Scene One Outtakes (HD or Original Store) Effects-free Outtakes (21 min) (1 file)
--Unedited Part One & Two (
RAW HD Store) Prefer just one part? Get unedited footage (3 angles) from either the "dress" or "bikini" segment! (3 files)

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