Our favorite long-suffering mom returns for two more scenes of incredible mess and hilariously authentic reactions! Scene One was suggested by several fans and it places Shauna as the main contestant of "Family Face-Off," our ode to Eighties gameshows where the poor parents always seemed to get covered in mess thanks to their kids' stupidity! Thanks to dumb children and her own potty mouth, our mom takes numerous pies in Trigger Phrase, dunks her face repeatedly into marshmallow fluff in Slam Dunk, does what you expect in Take The Cake, and finally gets The Works! (Oh yeah, and she loses her gameshow outfit halfway through and gets the "Crowning Glory" twice!) It's the closest thing you can get to a messy 80s gameshow without pulling out your VCR!
Scene Two was much simpler, especially for your overworked editor: Take one mom with a ridiculously fit body, put her in a super-tiny bikini with poor strap technology, and keep throwing cakes and pies at her until comedy ensues! Or more precisely: Shauna cakes herself with two sheet cakes, does pratfalls into a third, and finally lands on the floor face down in a fourth cake after her top gives up the ghost. Plus, pies. And a completely gratuitous green sliming. And some (justified) revenge on the producer. The word "trooper" does not adequately describe what we put this poor woman through. God bless our MILP!

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