Welcome Samantha back to the fold with SS234, the volume that doubles down on everything you love about this classy, gorgeous gal: Great acting, upscale wardrobe, and legs (and pies) for days! Scene One marks the return of the Poison Pen and brings the SCU (SlapstickStuff Cinematic Universe) full-circle when she strikes a deal to review her own dinner special. (Wonder if they'll take it easy on her this time?)
Meanwhile, Scene Two features a super-conceited actress auditioning for the role of a lifetime... Too bad her agent didn't mention they're using real props! And speaking of legs for days, how about that dress.... Will Samantha own 2020 like she did 2019? Stay tuned!!

"SS234 has to be the greatest and most polished work Rich has ever done! And i don't say that lightly, considering some of the work he has done in the past. I think Sam has a professionalism and elegance that is outstanding to watch... She also happens to be the best actress Rich has ever worked with. She delivers her lines so naturally, effortlessly and never really over the top... And i think what makes this stand out is the masterful editing by Rich... to bring front and centre Sam's performances and the brilliant scripts. Sam really nails the bitchy arrogant self-centred egotistical model/actress so beautifully in both scenes. She is a sweetheart as you can see in the raw footage... but she's so professional that she can get into this character so effortlessly and perform it to such a high standard. The MESS!... Some incredible pie hits, some incredible pie throwing, incredibly thick batter and NOW to mentioned the star mess CAKES! I've never liked cakes in SlapstickStuff content... but what I can see is how Rich has perfected the caking, how it's set up and how it's delivered... and I have to say for the first time I absolutely enjoyed every single caking in these two scenes. It's sold every time by Sam's stunned reactions. A round of applause for everyone. Overall pleased by these incredible scenes because in my opinion they are quite simply masterpieces in every conceivable way and Rich's most complete work!" --actual customer review

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