Fan favorite Lucy returns for two scenes she's never done before: A slime-first skit and a topless scene! In the former, she wears a super short, super tight clubby dress before getting covered with three slimes.... followed by cakes and pies! If you miss the days of slime-intensive scripts and pie sandwiches, this one's for you!
As for Scene Two, well.... This is what happens when you forget to bring a bra! And of course Lucy refuses to wear any of the costumes or wardrobe from our closet. How to proceed? Well, she tries holding pies over her exposed breasts... and then a sheet cake. Turns out the cake covers perfectly... in more ways than one! Would it surprise you to know that she then gets "covered" with an array of messy cakes, real pies, and super thick green slime? If you've ever seen a SlapstickStuff video.... Probably not.
It's a rare topless scene for us... and Lucy as well! Enjoy!

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