Here's how you get an economy going again: Release two amazing scenes from our favorite MILP... including one where she finally goes full nude (!!) for the first time ever. You're welcome!
[Fun fact: Scene One was scripted that our poor actress tries out for a role as "Fancy Dinner Guest" in a slapstick-styled food fight, where at some point her dress falls off. We did not plan on having her dress start falling off, of its own accord, due to all the pie hits. An unplanned accident that worked! And Scene Two was originally just the "tag" for Scene One, where her movie gets cancelled and she instead takes a job hawking Sara Lee Moisturizing Cakes & Pies. But Shauna wound up cleaning herself up in between, and doing multiple self-cakings before taking quite a few pies. So we made the "tag" into its own scene! Just be aware that this is a shorter (and cheaper) one in the style of our earlier clips, rather than the epic Scene One... although Shauna winds up showing a lot of skin in this one too!]

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