Just when you thought she was gone for good (again)... Lyndsay returns! She's changed her look one more time, but that classic "defeated" approach to slapstick is 100% intact! (There's a reason she's one of my all-time favorite models.) In three new scenes, Lyndsay does a very meta "callback" to her last appearance in SS135... goes on an audition featuring some of our best pie throws in recent memory.... and battles her old nemesis once again! (The Cream Pie Maniac, or possibly the humiliation of getting covered in mess in a tiny bikini.) She's buff, she's sexy, she's unflappable. And just like Haley's Comet, she's back!
"WOW! You outdid yourself with messing her up in Scene 2. Man did she get DESTROYED!!! It started off great with the sheet cake to her face, coverage turned out BEAUTIFULLY! All of the thrown pies to her face were on target, the cake batter poured on her head left her totally submerged, my favorite pie-ing in the scene was when she went 'no no no no no' before the hit, that was one of those pies that came out great and her defeated reaction shaking her head and leaving it on her face made it that much better! You wasn't lying when you said her "you got me" reactions were great. Well worth the wait for Lyndsay's long awaited return after nearly 6 years. Two thumbs the freak up!!"
"So....wanted to give you my feedback for Lyndsay's Scene 3. The highlights for me were the first pie that she took, which was my favorite pie that she received due to the amazing coverage it left. The cream on that one was just so thick! Whatever cream you are using now (Cool Whip?) actually looks like it sticks better than shaving cream! Her face was so covered from that one that she sounded muffled when she was trying to talk that she had to clear her mouth. Another highlight was the thrown pie after she said 'give me the motherf**king pie!' GREAT HIT!! Third pie hit was great too as well as some of the others and the nice orange sliming of her beautiful long hair and face getting submerged. And of course Lyndsay always being the great trooper she is, she's never in a rush to wipe off her face. She seems like she has so much fun in these shoots that it makes you wonder if she actually enjoys SOMEWHAT at least getting messy and covered. Her look in this scene also by far her hottest of the 3. Combine this girl's flawless looks with her diva-less and super down to earth personality, she is a perfect 10! ...Again, her sweet and chill personality makes her that much more attractive. As lousy as a year 2020 has been for all of us, the biggest highlight of the year has got to be Lyndsay finally returning for a 4th SS shoot to make 2020 salvagable!"
--early customer email

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