The best-selling Black model in SlapstickStuff history finally returns... and damn was this worth the wait! Candi wears what can technically be called a bikini, although it basically covers nothing... and she's definitely bringing the sexy even before the mess starts coming! Speaking of: If you want near-perfect coverage across the board, this is your scene. Absolutely amazing initial caking, great real pie hits, and then (maybe?) the best marshmallow fluffing we've ever done? Candi is absolutely covered, the wiping does nothing (as she discovers), and then she's drilled with even more pies and a back-and-forth of thick chocolate slime, the infamous white slime, and chocolate again! (Seriously, the aesthetics in this one...) By the end, she couldn't even see to get to the showers... but she was still laughing hysterically! (And doing the Wobble??) Can you tell this is a producer favorite?? If you appreciate a smart, funny model with an amazing body, before and after the mess.... You need this one!
But wait! There's more! Scene Two is the blaxploitation homage we've been threatening since... Volume 4? But it finally got done, thanks to Candi Vain as Kandy Kane! Will her leg kicks and fighting skills save her from the Pusher Man and his arsenal of desserts? We're guessing not...
And finally, we've been sitting on Scene Three since 2018 to ensure it's not remotely timely (or controversial): Omarosa gets fired and proceeds to pie the hell out of Donald Trump. Even stupider than it sounds!

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