We've been blessed to shoot a lot of gorgeous models over the years, but none quite like Misty! Almost without trying, this is a woman who absolutely oozes sex appeal.... but not in an explicit way. Nope, her persona is more the flirty, winking "sex kitten" of more innocent times. (We also got a blonder, curvier Ariana Grande vibe too!) Scene One finds Misty donning the now-classic red slingshot (from her own wardrobe, no less) for a debut scene that proves even the sexist model becomes silly with enough pies! This one went off-script--and off-the-rails--in a pretty great way, as Misty went from eager, to shocked, to overwhelmed, to embracing the ridiculousness... in about a half hour or so. All real pies, thick slime, some epic cakings (including Misty nailing herself perfectly on the first try)... plus the boyfriend joining in to throw his own pie! (Exceptional aim, too.) You know when someone's laughing so hard that they double over? Well, Misty does a lot of doubled-over laughter in this one... and usually when she's still covered in pie!

Scene Two stayed (mostly) on-script, as Misty brought the sexy a second time in the guise of Sailor Sarah, the confused kids' show host who can't stop making double-entendres about seafaring... and seamen. (Ahem.) Would it surprise you to know this amazing look also came from her own wardrobe?? Or that she somehow got even more caked and pied the second time around? (Rough tally: 15 pies & 5 cakes!) Heck, even the Bear Man showed up for some reason. (There might be a honey bucket involved...)

And finally, a technical note: If the screen grabs look a bit sharper this time out, that's because SS256 marks the debut of new cameras... with better lens! No change in file sizes, but everything should look a little more crisp and detailed... especially the Wide angle, which can finally get the model's entire body--including feet!--in a head-on shot. (We're way too excited about this.) There's still future volumes that were already shot with the older equipment, but moving forward, this should be the "new look" of SlapstickStuff, so we hope you enjoy!

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