Jasmine (AKA our Breakout Model of the Year) is back! And now that she knows the ropes, the sky's the limit!
Scene One takes our popular "maid skit" and adds a whole bunch of extra ridiculousness, plus Jasmine's newfound ease with pratfall-style humor. Our maid is actually a master thief working with the Russians to steal a Faberge cake while being pranked by a mischievous ghost and.... Yeah, you don't need the backstory here either. Suffice it to say that our poor maid takes FIVE cakes, 13 pies, and multiple buckets of mess over (and ON) her head.... All while practically naked. What really makes it cook is Jasmine's perfect blend of dry wit, unflappable poise... and a willingness to stumble around with her entire head encased in frosting, if that's what the scene needs! Her gasps of frustration and humiliation are Oscar-worthy in this one, and obviously she never breaks character. If you liked "Jasmine Vs. Nature," you're gonna love this one!
Scene Two is an extremely "meta" setup like only Jasmine can deliver, as our sexy scientist attempts to break down the stupidest form of comedy: Slapstick. Things start off well enough when she demonstrates on a typical "clueless male," but they go sideways as Jasmine explores the "Simpsons Rake Effect" (with pie after pie), demonstrates why it's wasteful to treat cakes as oversized pies, and recreates scenes from a 40-year-old show that no female model has ever heard about or cares about. Do you feel seen, SlapstickStuff audience? Well, rest assured that after Jasmine takes 19 pies and 3 cakes and says those "magic words," you'll feel better!

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