So, Scarlet's profile has definitely risen since we first started working with her (back in SS240).... and yes, we've now reached the point where we're doing entire scenes parodying other messy scenes she's done recently! To wit: Scene One, AKA "The AMA You ACTUALLY Wanted."
In 2020, Scarlet shot an "Ask Me Anything" video where she talked about her messy experiences... while staying 100% clean. (She also said "I don't know" quite a bit, as many of you noticed... and complained about...) During that same year, she also shot a super-hot "teaser" video for another site.... wearing this exact outfit... and once again, staying 100% clean. SO. We decided to right a few wrongs with this scene.... while also joking about how much messy production has changed with the rise of Instagram and "virtual" videos. (Yes, I'm aware this is the video equivalent of "Stay off my lawn!") If you know Scarlet's background and her work for other messy sites, you'll catch a LOT more of the jokes. But even if you don't, you can still enjoy Scarlet doing some of her best acting ever in a 100% solo context--no "Rich voice" anywhere in the edit!--while still getting destroyed with 13 pies, a 30-second green sliming, and three cakes. (She also gave off strong Toshia vibes in this one, which is obviously a huge compliment...) Maybe it was being stuck inside for COVID (again), but this was definitely Scarlet's most playful and downright fun video of anything we've shot.... So definitely check the RAW footage because there's a TON of stuff we had to leave on the cutting room floor!
Scene Two finds Scarlet returning to the Poison Pen yet again (for some reason), but this time with extra attitude! What's better than a gorgeous blonde in a super-cute dress getting insanely messy with real flying pies & smushed cakes? How about that girl absolutely deserving it? Scarlet channels her inner "Karen," and it turns out she can play "entitled white girl" extremely well! Plus, those self-pie lessons from Scene One really worked! She also does some amazing head dunking, for COVID reasons, and.... You'll just have to watch and find out!

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