Memorable finales: M.A.S.H... Newhart.. The Sopranos... and now Shauna The M.I.L.P.! We exaggerate, but it's hard to think of an ending more suited to the hottest, angriest, and nakedest mom in SlapstickStuff history.... than a defeated Shauna, wearing nothing but layers of pie and frosting, finally accepting her legacy by making snow angels in the mess.
Before that, we get two of the greatest, messiest, and definitely R-rated scenes Shauna ever did! Scene One finds our M.I.L.P. returning to Family Face-Off, where her combative relationship with host Skip leads to a 12-pie round (thanks to idiot ex-husband Jerry).... unexpected slimings... a completely loss of clothing (save heels and garter belt hose).... multiple cake destruction.... head dunking in the Bowl Of Glop (followed by breast "cleanup")... and, of course, the Crowning Glory! But of course, the real star is Shauna's attitude, which only gets more frustrated (and hilarious) as the show progresses. (She honestly would've been an amazing gameshow contestant in the 90s!)
And in Scene Two, we made a second attempt at creating a "whipped cream bikini" to preserve Shauna's dignity. Surprise! This one washed off even quicker! (Or maybe it was all the pies and cakes?) The end result is one of our few 100% nude clips, with an absolutely game Shauna taking it like a champ (including some truly impressive self-cakings with two different sheet cakes) before the aforementioned Messy Snow Angels. And, this being Shauna, we wound up pieing and sliming her on the ground anyway. (You know she just loved that!) Truly the perfect capper to an epic SlapstickStuff career.... and we wish Shauna well as she proceeds to quit the messy game to have her fifth (!!?!) kid.
The Mom We Love To Pie: There will never be another like her! Grab that very unedited RAW footage now and pay tribute!

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