Sequels usually suck.... Unless they involve Mya! One of our most fun (and fearless) models returns in a true sequel to Baker's Dozen, the totally-not-fake movie where she played an evil stepmother foiled by bratty kids with an arsenal of baked goods. And now she's back for Baker's Thirteen, which is basically the messy pratfall equivalent of Mya saying, "Hold my beer." More pies.... More cakes... More skin (Check the slit in that dress!)... More slipping and sliding... More ridiculous music cues and absolutely-not-green-screened setups! It all culminates with a final extended gag where Mya swan-dives into a messy bowl of glop (repeatedly) before attempting to "wash up" with said glop that... Well, let's just say it's a very "dark" ending. (Get it? GET IT??)
This one took a long time to edit (five days!), but I think the end result was worth it. It really does play like a short film that also rips off the messiest bits of The Great Race, Home Alone, and every crappy Disney film where the adult villian gets her humiliating comeuppance. This was also written especially to Mya's skill with pratfalls, and she does NOT disappoint. Anyone who's a fan of physical comedy and/or baked goods... Check this one out immediately!
But wait.... That's not all! You also get the long-awaited return of fan fave Eryn, last seen in SS144 (which was 7 years ago!). And yet, no time has passed... as she's still the unflappable girl-next-door, getting dunked in a Bowl of Glop--or hit wih pies, or shoved into a cake, or covered in slime--with her trademark blend of amusement and nonchalance. In case you're wondering, this one was every bit as unexpected as it seems. (She literally called us up that afternoon to see if we wanted to shoot "for old times' sake," and the whole prep was done in a very frantic hour.) But sometimes, planning is... overrated??
Two fan favorite models... One awesome volume.... Get it now!

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