For those of you asking for a new inequality scene.... Your wish is granted! (And then some.) With the help of a kind sponsor, we basically went "full blown epic" with this one, a 23-minute short film where Jasmine's "Miss Dubois" (the granddaughter of Natalie Wood's character in The Great Race, for those keeping score) is hell bent on revenge.... and she's dragging her assistant Sophie along for the ride! Unfortunately for Miss Dubois, "revenge" in this scenario involves a series of escalating slapstick pranks that leave our self-important heroine humiliated.... and very messy... over, and over, and over again!
To put it mildly: This shoot took some effort! Between the length of the script, the complexity of the setups, and the many (MANY) various gags, we wound up shooting for over two hours for this single scene. (You can hear me joke that the script was basically long enough for three scenes, and that Jasmine deserved hazard pay by the end. Both were true.) If you get the RAW footage, you'll get a crash course in exactly what goes into making a scene of this size. (You can also get the "Bonus" footage for free, which is basically the first 30 minutes of each camera before any mess starts, just to give you an idea of the scale involved.) You'll also hear me get.... a little frustrated? That said, I think the end result--specifically, the final 23-minute clip that took almost a week to edit--is absolutely worth it. I tried really hard to recreate my sponsor's vision, and despite our meager budget, I think I mostly succeeded?
To that end: This scene is a love letter to vintage slapstick comedy, basically edited like a full-length cartoon... except it's live-action and Jasmine does not bounce back as easily as the Coyote! But if you love inequality and humiliation, then get ready: She's losing clothes, falling into cakes, getting pied repeatedly (and aggressively) by Sophie, and somehow always pulling the wrong cord when "Strawberry Filling" or "Sewage is involved! I even scored the entire thing to vintage Looney Tunes music, because it just added that final, perfect layer of gradiose ridiculousness. Honestly, just watch the trailer and you'll understand.
Will I attempt something this complicated again? Never say never, but.... Not likely. BUT will the future bring more inequality scenes & more clips that feel like miniature slapstick films? As long as the models keep returning... Absolutely!
" It looks terrific!!! Amazing!! I really love it!! The sounds are just perfect!!" --our sponsor
"Dude, just wanted to say that new Jasmine scene shoot was honestly 10/10."  --early customer email

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