Fan favorite Natalia returns as "Vivi," an Instagram star with an amazing booty! (Ahem.) Unfortunately, she winds up being the stunt double in one of the most humiliatingly messy movies ever made! If you wanted to know how Natalia/Vivi would adapt to our "fake movie" premise, wonder no more! She's fantastic and fearless, whether being kidnapped by the Russian mafia, running afoul of a clumsy waiter carrying cakes, or having her dinner party ruined by an army of pie-throwing brats. And yes, she overacts to perfection.... So if you love your villain to get angrier (and messier) as her scene unfolds, then Natalia's pissed-off reactions will make this one a must-buy!
[Side note: Why do all snooty hostesses fall headfirst into cakes when they run? Why does every pull cord dump an avalanche of slime on their head? And why won't that bucket ever come off? Life's mysteries, I suppose....]
As for Scene Two, well.... Scarlet's back! But her "fashion vlog" turns out to be funded by an anonymous sponsor.... with a preference for inside-out hoodies and scrunchies?!? This was obviously a custom request, but Scarlet is cuter than ever... and the 16 (!!) pies she takes includes some of her messiest hits to date! And for you cake fans, she also takes three of those... including her favorite (whipped cream icing) that results in one of the greatest cakings we've ever done!
Another great two-fer, with a couple of our best-selling models in one amazing volume! Grab it now!

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