Instagram star Bella comes to SlapstickStuff... and gets way more than she bargained for! We'd been talking to this "comedienne/influencer" (her words) for close to six months before this shoot finally happened. That included two resheduled dates and a last-minute (expensive) flight rebooking, so yeah... I had my "diva radar" on high alert. Bella turned out to be completely unfiltered on camera, so you get all her hilariously real reactions to getting pied for the first time... and her attitude as the scenes get way messier than she planned. All three scripts wound up getting rewritten on the fly (or tossed altogether), so don't expect carefully constructed skits this time out. But there's a level of real-life humiliation in watching Bella go into diva mode while still getting incredibly messy that's impossible to fake. (Or write.) Was it the smoothest shoot ever? Nope. But I'm more than pleased with the results... especially when her scripted annoyance matched beautifully with her actual personality. (Ahem.)
To summarize: Scene One is Bella's own bikini, which is both way too small and also shows off her cartoon character proportions nicely. This is the loosest skit, with lots of laughing, Bella thinking the scene is over early (twice), and her long-suffering boyfriend getting some nice pastry revenge. Scene Two finds Bella in pantyhose, heels, and a dress held in place by physics.... with some truly spectacular cakings, a nice dose of upskirt, and Bella throwing an empty pie crust at me while blinded by cream. (Which sums up the whole shoot perfectly.) And finally, Scene Three has Bella in see-through lingerie, playing a TV host whose pissed-off staff (no comment) takes sweet revenge on her.... culminating in a "revealing" ending that you don't wanna miss!

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