Yes indeed, the SlapstickStuff Vault is open for business once again! Way back in 2014, we shot a few scenes with Shelly (our current go-to girl at the time) and her friend Serena. Those scenes appeared on SS129 and SS134... except for one, which never got released because a certain producer thought it would take "forever" to edit. (Ahem.)
Well, as it turns out, a lot of you folks now really want to see "inequality" skits.... and we just happened to have an unreleased one from 2014 in the vault! And since my editing skills have improved over the years, this one was actually completed in a reasonable length of time... and looks pretty sharp to boot! It also features Shelly as you know and love her: Our loveable "girl next door" who also happens to play the victim role to perfection. Her attempts at amateur ghost hunting result in all sorts of humiliating experiences, including: Handcuffed, blindfolded, gagged, "bucketed," marshallow pied, pie barraged, chocolate "oil" slime, white "yogurt" slime, more pies, more slime, and a self-gunging! And Serena? Well, she gets to look cute in a cop's outfit... and accidentally trigger all the mess onto poor Shelly. (Oh, and I guess she got a leg cramp from squatting in heels for half an hour. Poor Serena!)
Scene 2 is a different take on "inequality" as Shelly takes on TWO roles! (And not for the first time either...) Super Shelly is the kind of oblivious superhero who shows up and makes everything way worse.... as our poor damsel discovers to the tune of "Super Sludge" chocolate slime, 13 messy pies, and even more slime! There's a reason why I didn't bother editing this one in 2014 (Spoiler: It took a ton of time...) but the final result is genuinely hilarious in a way that makes me happy. It also confirms that Shelly, while underappreciated, was one of the absolute greats: Not only did she get genuinely hogtied (in our most realistic bondage bit ever, even played for laughs) and then covered in mess, but she also found time to do her famous "Clumsy Bowl Gag" (TWICE!) for no real reason.... And all this after shooting the Super Shelly pick-ups... And she was still smiling and goofing around after all that!
Our girl has moved on to bigger & better things in her life, but to anyone who was ever a fan, these Vault clips are a real find! (And even a touch nostalgic...) Long live Shelly!

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